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Pulldown Closet Rail 2022

Closet storage accessories have gotten pretty sophisticated these days. Just like our kitchens, the closet can be a good place to improve upon too. Along with pull out baskets, jewellery organizers, shoe rails and even LED lighting, pull down closet rods are one of the most-used items in closets.

If you’re tired of calling your significant other to reach hangers in high closet cabinets, you landed on the right article. Using a pull-down closet rod brings those hard-to-reach items right down to your ideal level.

A horizontal rail to hang your clothes and a pull-down system to easily access them. The Sling hanger is designed to make the most of all the vertical space in your wardrobe, rising the usual height of hanging rails and freeing the space underneath. You can easily and effortlessly pull down the rail whenever you want.

Its structure, made of steel, is adjustable: you may adapt it to the measures of the hanging rail to adjust the hanger to your space. It also has a fastening system that reduces balancing, making taking your clothes from the wardrobe much easier and safer.

The advantages of a pull-down rail

The Sling hanger will be great if your wardrobe is very tall and does not have a shelf at the top. By leaving the highest part for the rail, you will optimize the rest of the space and gain storage capacity.

It is also a good possibility to have a specific space for your longer clothes, and more so if your wardrobe has a chest of drawers or an intermediate rail that doesn’t allow them to hang straight. Suits, long dresses or coats will have more space and will be better preserved.

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