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Kitchen Hardware Tools 2022

Barrel Hinges

Barrel hinges are comprised of two barrel-shaped components attached by a pivot. Generally, these types of hinges are used for concealed attachment purposes in cabinets and furniture.

Butt Hinges

One of the most commonly employed hinge types, butt hinges consist of two plates – i.e., leaves – with interconnecting sets of loops—i.e., knuckles—fastened together by a central guide pin or rod to form a flexible joint. Generally used in pairs or multiples placed at intervals along the interior portion of the joint, these types of hinges are used for a variety of applications including attaching doors, windows, panels, and lids to their respective frames such that, when closed, the two components sit flush against each other.

Continuous Hinges

These are also known as piano hinges, continuous hinges are comprised of similar components to that of butt hinges. However, they are longer and narrower, and, generally, a single one runs along the entire interior length of the joint formed between two attached objects, such as in desks, chests, showers and many more.

European Hinges

European hinges are commonly used in both frameless and face frame cabinets as they are internally placed and allow for complete concealment of the hardware component when the door is closed. These types of hinges offer a variety of features (e.g., soft and quiet close) and are suitable for a wide range of door styles ranging from flush inset to corner doors. These hinges also permit adjustment of the cabinet door placement against the frame of the cabinet using a set of adjustment screws located on each hinge. These hinges add thickness to the cabinetry. To reduce that thickness, consider the overlay hinge. This type of hinge folds back on itself, allowing the door to lay flush against the face of the cabinet.

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