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Drawers for trendy kitchen 2021

Kitchen drawers provide great storage: not only do they keep your kitchenware well organized, but they allow you to see the contents at a glance, which makes them easily retrievable.

Here, we bring to you a number of clever drawer designs, each designed for a specific purpose, so that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

1. Bottle drawer

We all know the items used most regularly should be kept in the cooking zone, but do not want to keep numerous bottles cluttering on the countertop. So the needy space is a drawer for oils, vinegar and sauces. Each drawer can be segmented to ensure the bottles do not bump into each other or fall over as the drawer opens and closes, making it easy to grab and easy to put away. Hence it’s a major part of the modern kitchen.

2. Stow away your trays

Trays, cutting boards and cookie sheets and some baking cookeries are particularly hard to store unless and until we have a particular space to store these kinds of cookeries. They slide around and generally get in the way. So the better way is to confine them in a space where they will stay put and very easy to get them when necessary.

3. Corner drawers

Corner drawers are a creative solution for awkward corners. Clever, L-shaped drawers, which makes them deeper than most, transform a dead corner space into something super practical – the ideal spot for stashing odd-shaped gadgets and clumsy cookware. The less-used cookware and not daily needed stuff can be kept in these drawers. This kind of drawer also gives an attractive look to the kitchen as it covers the curved space.

4. Built-in Knife Organizer

Once you nail down your drawer’s measurements, install built-in storage blocks to keep knives from knocking around, so they can stay sharp without putting your hands in harm’s way. This also helps us not to search for the knives that are kept around once their usage is done, also keeps us away from the tension of may getting hurt when the children find it out as a gaming tool.  

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